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WooCommerce product feeds

Read all about products feed here!

You can link your product database of WooCommerce with your Spott account!
By linking your WooCommerce product catalogue with Spott you are sure your prices and discounts are always up to date on every interactive content!


WooCommerce doesnt have a product feed out of the box, but a lot of plugins exist to export your products on a specific interval.

In this example we will use CTX Feed. The free version gives you 5 intervals, whereas the Product Feed Pro gives you three shorter intervals for quicker feed updates.

  1. Install the CTX Feed plugin on your WooCommerce installation
  2. Go to the CTX Feed tab:


  3. Press "Make feed"

  4. Fill in all required fields, a basic Template can be used: Google Ads, this template contains the common used fields used on interactive content like: id, product url, title, description, price, image url.


  5. Press "Update and Generate feed"

  6. Press the "Copy feed url"-icon next to the feed url


  7. Go to your Spott account > Integrations > Product feeds

  8. Click "+ Feed" button to add a new product feed

  9. Enter a feed name, paste your WooCommerce feed url inside the "Link" field and press "Next"


  10. Check if all columns are ok and press "Next"


  11. Map all default columns to the specific columns in your feed file.
    All non mapped columns will be available as well as custom field


  12. Your feed will be synced automatically! Refresh the page to see the sync status. When the sync is done you can browse all products in your feed:


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