A quick overview of the tool

Spott Home screen is divided into two main sections.

  1. Menu Section
  2. Content Section


1. The Spott menu section:

1. Projects: Manage all your projects here. Create, edit or copy them

2. Media: Upload all your media here so you can easily use it in your projects

3. Templates: The interactive spott layers that you saved, or create a layer from scratch to use on your media 

4. Products: Add your products here for easy management


5. Dashboard: All advanced insights and statistics on the project interactivity are gathered here


6. Account: Your account details and password settings are here

7. Team: Add new team members and set their roles and accessibilities

8. Clients: Add new clients, give them access to their account, and switch to their projects

9. Integrations: Connect your social accounts or use your native video players within Spott

10. Automation: The product feeds and products are combined to automate the Spott creation process

11. Billing: Check your payments, get your invoices and up or downgrade your subscription


12: Help: Need more information or contact us, use this link

13: Interactions: have an overview of the interactions usage and buy more interactions if needed


2. The Content Section

1. + Project: Use this to create new project

2. + Folder: Use this to create a folder for managing multiple similar projects

3. Search: Quickly search through projects/folders based on titles

4. Projects: Browse through your projects/folders accordingly

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