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The closet has a bar on the left with a list of products. For videos, you can set the list to display all products in the entire video, or a dynamic list that only shows the products the moment it's visible in the video. When clicking on one of the products, you will see an overlay with more information about that product.


What can you customize?

  • Position
    • The position of the closet cannot be changed
  • Sidebar
    • Show items: when to show the items, all the time or only when visible in the video?
    • Background color
    • Icon color
  • Items
    • Image
    • Text: add information in the tag, you can add different fonts, sizes, formats and styles !
    • Image  size
    • Image radius
    • Card radius
    • Background color
    • Padding
    • Margin
  • Pop-up
    • Background color
  • Button
    • Text 
    • Open the link: in new or same window
    • Link: url of the link
    • Background color
    • Border
    • Border color
    • Border radius
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