How to publish as website embed

Website embed

You can easily embed the interactive content in your WordPress, Wix, Webflow, or any other builder.

Pro tip: This integration option is very easy to do, but can be slow sometimes.
There is a more advanced way, the overlay, that you can use to increase the loading speed but requires some development knowledge.


How to integrate your interactive content into your website?

  1.  Copy the code
  2. Open an HMTL element
  3. Paste the code
  4. Save and you will see the content appear


What can you customize?


  • Spott branding: Add a Spott logo on your content (removing this logo is paying feature)
  • Full size: use the highest resolution of the image possible
  • Language: change the display language of your products
  • Iframe: switch between a JavaScript and an iframe code. Some websitebuilders only accept Iframes.


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