What can you customize per interactive templates?

To adapt the settings to best resemble your brand, there are a lot of settings you can change for each template. Each template has different options which you can customize. For more details on options provided for each template, visit the individual template page here. Some of the commonly available options are as follows:


The Spott is the trigger that viewers see on the content and which opens the interactive content on hover. You can adapt:

  • The Type: how does the trigger look
    • Circle: a small circle
    • Ping: a small bullet
    • An image: you can add any image or icon
    • A button: a rectangular button
  • The clickable area: when will the interactive content be shown
    • Only the tag is interactive
    • The entire box is interactive

  • The color: of the spott
  • Pulsating: animation of the spott


The tooltip is the information that pops up when there is hovered over the Spott. You can adapt:

  • Position: where to display the tooltip in relation to the spott
    • Left, Right, Bottom, Top
    • Top left corner, Bottom right corner,...

  • Image: what image to display

  • Text: which title and text the tooltip has

  • Custom Font: add your own font by linking the font URL

  • Border radius: border-radius of the corners of the tooltip

  • Background color: the color of the tooltip

  • Hovered state: All of the above, but in a hovered state



The button inside of the tooltip. You can change:

  • Contents: the text inside the button

  • Style: How the button looks
    • Font on the text
    • Color of the text
    • Size of the text
    • Background color
    • Border-radius
    • Border color and thickness

  • Hovered state: All of the above, but in a hovered state



You can attach a product to an interactive layer, which will fill in the image and contents of your tooltip.

Click here to learn more about products.

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