Use Vast tag in DV360

Google Display & Video 360 (also know as DV360) enables marketers to manage their reservation, programmatic, and programmatic guaranteed campaigns across display, video, TV, audio, and other channels, all in one place. (Source)

Spott offers fully interactive videos to be displayed on DV360 videos. In this article, we'll go through the steps on how to set this up. There are two main main steps to be taken in this flow:

  1. Generating a VAST tag
  2. Enter the VAST tag in DV360


How to generate a VAST tag in Spott

Spott interactivity on DV360 videos works with a VAST tag that is provided by Spott. This is a third-party ad tag for online video advertisements that are supported by DV360. 

Please go to this article to learn how to generate a VAST tag with Spott, and continue to this article later to submit the VAST tag to DV360. 


How to enter a VAST tag in DV360

When you are done with the steps of the article mentioned above, you should now have a valid VAST tag. The next few steps will show you how and where to enter the VAST tag in your DV360 account.


Step 1: Go to the creatives panel

When logged into the DV360 platform, select the advertiser or campaign you are running your ad for. Then click on "Creative" and "Creatives".


Step 2: Create a new creative

Click on "New" and select "Third-party video" from the dropdown menu.



Step 3: Enter the Spott VAST tag

This is the last step, simply enter the VAST tag URL in the field shown below. This is the VAST tag that you generated in this article as mentioned above.

Then click "Save" to finish your advertisement.


That is all! Note that it takes a few minutes for DV360 to index the VAST ad. After that, you can preview the ad and check the DV360 status



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