Create a VAST tag

In this article, we'll explain how you can create an interactive video advertisement by using VAST and VPAID technology.



A VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) tag is a third-party ad tag for online video advertisements. It makes sure that your ad can be served on a large variety of video players.

However, simply using VAST technology does not provide many options for custom interactivity. This is why the Spott VAST tag requires your ad provider that VPAID (Video Player Ad Interface Definition) must be enabled as well. VPAID is an extension of VAST that allows for rich interactive video content.


How to generate a VAST tag in Spott

Step 1: Make an interactive video

Upload your video and go into the Spott Studio to make it interactive. Check out our guide here, if you haven't learned how to do this yet.


Step 2: Open the VAST / VPAID screen

While you're in the Studio, click on "Share" and then on "Generate a VAST/VPAID Ad tag".



Step 3: Generate the tag

This panel will open up where you have a few options to enable or disable some settings of the interactive video.

As Spott is unable to serve as a video streaming service in video advertisements, you must provide your own video stream URL. Once this video URL is filled in, a VAST tag will be generated below. Simply copy & paste this tag in your ad provider.


On Google's Video suite inspector or any other ad provider, you can try out your interactive VAST tag.


Note: this feature is available in our Business plan only.

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