Branching for images means that you can go from one interactive image to another one. This may be useful for a store tour with 360-degree images or telling a story through a series of images.


Before creating your user flow in Spott, it's good to put some thought into the different paths your visitor can take beforehand.


To get started with this branching feature, create your widget, and simply add it to your images. Let's jump into the details!


Step by step guide

Step 1: Create a new branching widget (one time only)

Go to the Widgets tab, and create a new widget inside this widget set in the right type of interactivity. This only needs to be done only once.


Step 2: Change the branching options

To create a widget for this specific widget of branching. Under "Click action", select "Jump to media".


Customize your widget further if you wish to do so and click "Save" to continue.


Step 3: Add the widget to your video

Add the widget to your interactive image by simply dragging it on the video. Where you place the widget, will be where the marker will be on your image.



Step 4: Select the other media to go to

When the widget is added, on the right side, click the "Choose" button to select the media you want the button to go to.


When clicking this button, the following modal will pop up where you can select the other image to go to.


Note that you can only move from images to images.


That's it! Now replicate step 3 as much as your tour or story requires. Have fun! 😊

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