Add a custom domain


With this feature, you can have the interactive content on your own domain, such as


1.  Add a CNAME record to your DNS settings

  • Go to your DNS provider
  • Set up a new CNAME record pointing to
    • Record type: CNAME
    • Host:
    • Value/Pointing to:
    • TTL: leave as default

Here are some helpful guides of the most popular DNS providers:


2. Link your custom domain on Spott

  • Go to integration > custom domain
  • Enter the domain that you have set up in step 1.  If you configured it correctly, the "Save" button will be active. Note that the first time you try out your new CNAME URL, it can take a few minutes to fully set up.


3. Check if it is setup correctly

  • Open a project
  • Press the publish button
  • Check if the code and  URL link are change to your custom domain


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