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Installing the YouTube Chrome plugin will allow you to see the Spott interactivity you are familiar with, on itself. 🤗 The plugin can detect which video you are watching and add the right Spott overlay on top of it.

While it is a Google Chrome plugin, the plugin works on any chromium-based browser like Microsoft Edge and Opera.

Installing the plugin

Click this big button to go to the install page or search for "Spott interactivity for YouTube" in the Chrome web store.

Then click the "Add to Chrome" button to install it - if your browser supports this.



Linking your YouTube Video to Spott

Step 1: Upload your video to Spott and make it interactive

To get started, you must upload your video to both Spott and Youtube individually.

It's best to upload the exact same video to Spott, as it will be used as a reference when tagging it.

If you haven't learned how to do this, check out this article that will get you started making videos interactive.

Step 2: Copy your YouTube video ID

Go to the video on that you want to make interactive, copy the video ID.



Step 3: Link the YouTube video to Spott

In Spott, go to your video that you've made interactive in Step 1 and click on the publish tab in the Spott Studio. Enter they Youtube video id in the External Id field and select Youtube as External Reference.



Now save this and you're all set! Visit the video on and your interactivity should be right there! 🤩

Sharing the interactivity on YouTube

Your clients and visitors just need to install the same Chrome plugin which works not only on Google Chrome, but on every chromium-based browser, including Microsoft Edge, Opera, and much more.

Or click this URL to the Chrome web store





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