Add a product feed

With a product feed you connect directly to your database and use the products from there in the interactive layers; no more manual product inputs! Adding a product next to the feed remains possible of course.


How to setup a feed?

1. Add your feed

2. Set the format

3. Validate the feed

4. Check your feed


1. Add your feed


  • Open the Automations page
  • Click on "+ Feed"
  • Now you can link your feed:
    • Name: add a name for the feed in Spott
    • Link: the URL of the feed

! Important ! it must be a .CVS file that is accessible online with at least the following 3 required columns

    • ID: unique ID's for each product
    • Name: the name of the product
    • URL: link to your productpages
    • Update: how frequently should the feed update automatically to take your changes into account? 
    • Auto product detect: should it be possible to auto detect product from this feed in media
    • Headers: Fill in to read password protected feeds with authentication headers


2. Set the format


Set the delimiter of the form so it is shown correctly in the sample. There are 2 options.

  • comma ( , )
  • semicolon ( ; )


3. Map the feed fields



Now it is time to map the required fields to the corresponding columns. Match the correct column with the Spott system parameters



  • Image URL:  when your products have an image, you can select it under Image(s) as well. This should be a URL to your image. When you have multiple images per product, you can select these as well.
  • Language: when the feed contains multiple languages, you can set this here.


4. Check the feed

  • Go to the Automation page
  • Scroll down under the products (if you have any), and find the feeds here
  • Now you see if the feed is connected







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