Integrate a video player

This page will show you which 3rd party video players Spott integrates with and what features are supported on each player. You can see an overview of all the supported players and learn what to do if your player is not supported yet. You can also learn more about each feature individually down below.

Supported video players per feature

Listed below are all the 3rd party video players supported by Spott.


All widgets

Timeline dots

Spott Studio

Pause interactivity during ads
(Default player)






Blue Billywig    



Player features explained

All widgets 

All the widgets you can create inside the Spott platform are allowed on these 3rd party video players.


Timeline dots

The timeline dots are a specific for every video player individually, for now, this feature is only supported on the default Spott video player (videojs).


Spott Studio integration (use external ID)

Auto overlay allows you to control which videos have an interactive layer, without having to replace any embed codes. A one-time setup is possible if you're working with a developer.


Pause interactivity during ads

This is a feature that detects and allows ads to be played before, during, or after your interactive video. Spott supports these ads by pausing the interactive layer while the ad is running.


Supported Players Reference

To learn more about how the integrations work, check out the following guides.

My player is not listed

Don’t worry, we can integrate with almost every video player on the market.
To integrate your video player, it must meet these two requirements:

  1. It must be possible to hook into the following player events: play, pause, time updates, and fullscreen.
  2. The video player must have decent API documentation. We need to have a clear understanding of how the video player works in order to work with it.

Not sure if your player meets the requirement? No problem, please contact our support team!
Your player does meet the requirements? Great, please contact our support team as well to submit it.

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